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Introduction to Waterproof Structure of LED Lamps 1

Mar. 19, 2020


Based on the structural waterproof design, the lamps need to be closely matched with the silicone sealing ring waterproof, and the shell structure is relatively precise and complex. It is usually suitable for large-scale lamps, such as strip floodlights, square and circular floodlights, and other medium and high-power lamps. LED weatherproof string light supplier shares with you.

Structural waterproof lamps are only assembled in the purely mechanical structure, simple to use tools, less assembly process, and process, short assembly cycle, easy and quick repair on the production line. The lamp can be packed and shipped after passing the electrical performance and waterproof test. It is suitable for engineering projects with a short supply period.

Outdoor Waterproof String Light

Have appropriate material and construction, ability guarantees its waterproof property, the following a few design essentials.

(1) design the silicone waterproof ring, select the appropriate hardness of the material, design the appropriate pressure, its section shape is also very critical. The introduction line of the cable is the channel of water seepage, the waterproof wire should be selected, and the use of a strong cable waterproof fixed head (PG head), can prevent water vapor from permeating the gap in the cable core, but the premise is that the insulation layer of the wire does not age and crack under the long-term strong compression of the PG head.

(2) at room temperature, the linear expansion coefficient of glass is about 7.2×10 ~ m/(m·K), and that of aluminum alloy is about 23.2× 10 /(m·K). When the outside size of lamps and lanterns is large, it should be seriously considered. Suppose the length of the lamp is 1 000 mm, the shell temperature is 60℃ during the day, the temperature drops to 10℃ during rain or at night, the temperature drops by 50℃, the glass and aluminum will shrink by 0.36 mm and 1.16 mm respectively, and the relative displacement is o. 8 mm.

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