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Introduction to Waterproof Structure of LED Lamps 2

Mar. 25, 2020


(3) Many medium and high power outdoor LED lamps can be equipped with waterproof breathable valves (respirators). The waterproof and breathable function of the molecular sieve in the breather can be used to balance the pressure inside and outside the lamp, eliminate negative pressure, prevent water vapor, and ensure that the inside of the lamp is dry. This economical and effective waterproof device can improve the waterproof ability of the original structural design. However, respirators are not suitable for lamps that are often soaked in water, such as buried lights and underwater lights. Our company sells CE String Lights.

The long-term stability of the waterproof structure of the lamp is closely related to its design, performance of the selected lamp material, processing accuracy, and assembly technology. If the weak link deforms and leaks water, it will cause irreversible damage to the LED and electronic devices, and this situation is difficult to predict during the factory inspection process, which is sudden. Therefore, to improve the reliability of the structure waterproof type luminaire, it is necessary to continue to improve the waterproof technology.

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Material waterproof:

The waterproof design of the material uses the filling potting glue to insulate and waterproof, and the sealant is used to seal the joints between the structural parts to make the electrical parts completely airtight and achieve the waterproof effect of outdoor lamps.

Regardless of the structural waterproofing or material waterproofing, for the long-term stability and low failure rate of outdoor lamps, a single waterproof design is difficult to achieve high reliability, and the potential hidden danger of water leakage still exists.

Therefore, in the design of high-end outdoor LED lamps, it is recommended to flexibly use waterproof technology, combine the advantages of structural waterproofing and material waterproofing technology, and to avoid weaknesses to ensure the long-term stable operation of LED circuits. If the material is waterproof, it can be added to a respirator to eliminate negative pressure. The waterproof design of the structure can also be considered to increase the potting, double waterproof protection, improve the long-term stability of outdoor lighting, reduce the failure rate of moisture.

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