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Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights

Why do we need professional outdoor string lights?

Outdoor string lights low voltage has its own unique characteristics.

Low voltage outdoor string lights-waterproof

Outdoor low voltage string lights are very waterproof. You can put outdoor string lights in the swimming pool as decorations to make the pool water look brighter and more beautiful. Low voltage string lights will not leak electricity in the swimming pool. We do not allow this to happen to ensure the safety of users. We have made a lot of efforts for this and obtained many certificates to verify that our products are reliable.

Low voltage string lights-persistence

Our low voltage outdoor festoon lights can be used for a long time. As long as you put them away and maintain them in time, you will find that you will use them until you don't want to use them, or you really want to replace them.

Low voltage outdoor string lights-low voltage is more energy efficient

If you use Guochong low voltage outdoor string lights, we will be happy for you, because our string lights consume very low power, only 1.5W.

Our low voltage weatherproof and heavy duty outdoor string lights are commercial grade and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Insulation protects the strands from hot winters, sun, wind, rain, snow and moisture. The flexible, heavy-duty power cord withstands the wear and tear of indoor and outdoor use. Waterproof and shatterproof, with a fully sealed socket, the hanging string lights can be used in sun, rain.

Outdoor low voltage string lights application

Specifically built to provide greater lighting flexibility and a soft glow to create the perfect ambiance for birthday parties, family reunions or wedding receptions. Low voltage garden string lights makes a great addition to bistros, decks, porches, patios, gardens, backyards, patios, pergolas, cafes, restaurants and shopping malls. Great for weddings, BBQ parties, banquets.

Low Voltage Bistro String Lights has each cord contains 10-25 E27 low voltage based waterproof pendant sockets with 0.6/1.5W Edison bulbs that emit beautiful, warm lighting, ideal lighting for any application. Replacement bulbs can be found here.

Safe Low Voltage Outdoor Use: Operating at 12 volts, the low voltage bistro lights are compatible with most low voltage landscape lighting systems.

Portable: The socket of the LED bulb has an adjustable connector, you can freely adjust the distance between the bulb and the bulb on the cable by operating the connector. Socket fits any E27 bulb, you can choose to switch your style

Suitable For Any Occasion: Create a beautiful and warm ambiance for your patio lights, backyard lights, porch lights, party lights, pergola lights, bistro lights

Weather Resistant: The cable features a UL listed and waterproof bulb with a weatherproof socket that fully encases the bulb to ensure it stays put in the sun, snow, humidity, wind, rain, and extreme temperatures.

Why choose Guochong string lights?

As an experienced outdoor low voltage string lights manufacturer, Guochong has completed three certificate as CE, SAA and UL certifications, and the quality is completely guaranteed. Our products have not only passed the certification, but also have been recognized by the majority of users. Those who have used our products said: We must always use yours. The quality of the product is guaranteed, so you can rest assured! If you are looking for wholesale outdoor low voltage string lights with custom OEM/ODM service, welcome to contact us!

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