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We provide outdoor RGB string lights of various sizes to make your courtyard more beautiful and the party more beautiful. Adding RGB string lights to any exterior area of your home has an instant decorative effect. Perfect lighting for holiday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries and more. 

Product Specifications

Wholesale outdoor RGB string lights features

Flexible Environment: These smart color changing string lights are perfect for backyards, porches, bedrooms, dorm rooms, offices, balconies, gardens and more!

Durable: Weather and water resistant making string lights ideal for outdoors and indoors. The ultra-premium, unbreakable S14 bulb can withstand harsh outdoor weather.

Personalize: Thanks to the ability to connect an unlimited number of weatherproof outdoor patio string lights, these lights can be connected infinitely, and are designed with easy-to-install cords, making them sturdy yet flexible.

UL Certified: Wholesale RGB outdoor string lights have been tested and meet the requirements of string light safety standards, these waterproof outdoor festoon lights are also reinforced with eyelets, making them easy to install outdoors or indoors.

Remote control

Unwrap your cord and choose from 8 favorite colors which are Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, Yellow, Teal, Purple and Orange. Adjust JUMP, FADE, FLASH 3 modes; just press the remote control to control the color changing speed or dim the lamp brightness.

The weather proof string lights are commercial grade, advanced quality and more durable, ideal for outdoor decoration. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, our weatherproof patio string lights will give you years of long-lasting durability. Simple to use and install. Guochong string lights can be customized in length, color, and number of sockets to meet your individual needs. Just contact us for your custom outdoor RGB string lights!

# of Sockets: 15
Socket Type/Size: Standard Medium  E27
Cord Length: 14.64M
Spacing Between Sockets: 0.9M
On/Off Switch?: No
Drop Distance: 10cm
Cord Color: Black/White

Suitable Environment: Indoor / Outdoor (High Commercial Quality - Great For Permanent Installation)
Included Bulbs: 15x S14 0.6W RGB Bulbs
Power Connection:  Adaptor and remote control
Wire Gauge: H05VV-F 2* 0.75
Weather Proof?: Yes, IP44
Voltage: 12V

How to choose RGB string lights correctly?

Modern home decoration, lighting lighting can say a good heat of interior decoration, at least it can play out adornment effect is very substantial, so how to design the indoor household can satisfy personalized visual effects, actually this is not just related to style, but also the decoration and the way has a lot to do. The position that the adornment illume of individuation interior colour lamp suits to put actually is one, that is the bedroom, why cannot be put in the sitting room? Major is not suitable, the sitting room is the right place to receive guests, own may seem to be some "hall" in someone else's heart, and belong to relatively private bedroom space, then seven lights belt in design can be more perfect to modern household space, let decorations can share to his partner. Snowflakes household lights lighting lighting design adornment design is divided into big lights and small lights, big lights actually can hang in the living room, but lighting effect is not good, but as a decoration is good, because a lot of design has its table is empty, the actual effect is colourful, and or wash room, believes that many people don't keep watching for such adornment said! But if do not open a light, light is adornment, the advocate lamp that serves as sitting room droplight is pretty good, the crystal design that chooses material or the branch and branches modelling, give the person infinite daydream space.

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