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From outdoor gardens to large-scale commercial lighting places, such as food festivals, weddings, parties, and even rock concerts; commercial festoon string lights combine simplicity and multifunctionality to create a perfect atmosphere.

Our innovative commercial outdoor festoon lights enable us to customize each cord length to meet your requirements. Connect multiple lighting devices with our connected power cords to create your perfect length.

The IP44 level commercial festoon lighting with a rubber sealing ring at the bottom of the lamp seat, which forms a waterproof seal when the bulb is tightened. Provide you with safe and durable commercial festoon string lights.

Undertake bad weather conditions

Commercial grade festoon string lights are made of anti-ultraviolet rubber, which can withstand bad weather conditions, such as rain, heat and storm. Increase durability and extend the service life of the product.

The SAA-certified light bulb and string lights are installed in the molding rubber socket, which can resist ultraviolet radiation, extreme temperature and moisture.

Custom commercial festoon string light is very suitable for festival indoor lighting, including architectural contour, terrace lighting, gazebo, porch, tent, and many other applications, adding visual fun to your backyard or outdoor living area. If you are looking for wholesale commercial outdoor festoon lights from trusted supplier, welcome to contact us!

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