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What Do UL and ETL Listings Mean?

May. 16, 2020


Ever seen those odd images on a light, a light installation, or the spec sheets demonstrating it's CE or ETL recorded? Ever wonder what those postings truly mean? These postings and affirmations show whether an item has met certain guidelines. They can likewise reveal to you where light or apparatus can be utilized, for example, indoor versus open-air and dry, soggy, or wet areas. Outdoor weatherproof string light supplier shares with you.

What is UL?

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) perceived by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that test items for setting up, independently published security models. UL is the most notable posting and is utilized everywhere throughout the globe. An item can be UL Listed or Recognized. UL Listed is the most well-known UL confirmation and means tests of the item have been tried and resolved to satisfy the important security guidelines. UL Recognized demonstrates portions of an item that are intended to be a piece of an entire have been tried and endorsed for that specific use. For instance, UL wet area bulbs have been tried to withstand high stickiness, yet in addition direct contact with water so they can be utilized outside without requiring an encased installation.

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What is ETL?

In 1896, Thomas Edison established the Lamp Testing Bureau to test the wellbeing of lights. Presently named Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL), they spread something other than lights and are one of the quickest developing wellbeing affirmations adjusting the U.S. also, Canada. ETL doesn't distribute their own wellbeing guidelines. Rather, they test items to the norms distributed by different NRTLs like UL. This implies items are held to indistinguishable measures from UL and is likewise perceived by OSHA.

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