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The Development Of LED

Dec. 11, 2019


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As the international community's "white ban" path becomes clearer, LED lighting seems to usher in an opportunity for its survival. The withdrawal and concession of incandescent lamps will undoubtedly make LED lighting no more worries. Unfortunately, the change in the external environment only exerts itself Due to its strength, after all, the explosion of LED lighting has to rely on its own internal practice.

Whether domestic lighting companies enter the international market, compete with European and American lighting companies, or let European and American markets recognize Chinese lighting products, domestic lighting companies first need to conduct self-examination and product positioning. European and American markets do not need cluttered low-end products. Their high-grade life has created their favor for high-quality products. Therefore, low-end price wars may not work in European and American markets. On the contrary, some high-end products with small ideas will instead Let more European and American buyers voluntarily pay.

This is also the subdivided and exquisite quality that the academic industry has recently promoted. However, manufacturers who have become accustomed to producing low-end products seem to have forgotten the impetus to move forward. There is no pride in entering Europe and the United States, but they lack actual change actions.

Product adaptation to the market is really a good product. Different markets have different product needs. Therefore, product planning strategies must be tailored to local conditions. This is homework that domestic lighting companies must make up. Otherwise, products that are not on the right path will only result in slow sales and encounter foreign countries. Market resistance is inevitable.

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The "blocker" encountered by domestic LED lighting is not only abroad, but also a difficult bone in the domestic market. Although the country's "white ban" decree has been issued one after another, ordinary people still have doubts in the face of emerging lighting sources. The gap between consumers and LED lighting is still difficult to eliminate in a short time. The data shows that in 2013, the output of LED lighting products in mainland China was about 810 million, and the domestic sales were about 400 million. The domestic market penetration rate of LED lamps was 8.9%, which was close to 5% from 3.3% last year. The penetration rate of LED lamps in the lighting field exceeds 12%.

Why LED lighting has been optimistic all the way, why the product has reached a certain level of the market, but it is difficult to start quickly? The main reason may be that LED lighting has not found a suitable development path, and the market and product perception are too disconnected. The general public implements the three principles of LED, do not recognize, do not recognize, and do not pay. At this time, lighting companies need to think more. How to promote and publicize LED, let LED get the people's hearts and win public opinion.

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