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Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Outdoor Landscape Lights

Dec. 23, 2019


Landscape lights are an indispensable part of modern landscapes. The role of landscape lights is not only to provide lighting but also to show people the vitality, fashion, and humanity of the city. So, how to clean and maintain outdoor landscape lights?

Below, garden party string lights supplier brings you outdoor landscape light cleaning tips:

1. The exterior of landscape lights is clean. Landscape lights are generally installed in large outdoor squares and other places, so there is a lot of dust. Wipe with a wet cloth when removing dust. The wiping action should be in the same direction, avoiding back and forth wiping, and moderate intensity.

2. To clean the interior of the landscape light, first, turn off the power and remove the bulb to wipe it separately. If you want to clean directly on the landscape lighting, pay attention to the direction and intensity of the wipe when wiping to prevent the bulb from falling off.

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Tips for maintaining outdoor landscape lights:

1. Do not hang items on the lamps, such as quilts.

2. Avoid frequent switching of lamps, as this will reduce the service life of the lamps;

3. When using and cleaning, pay attention to whether the lamps are inclined to affect the appearance. If so, adjust them in time to keep the landscape lamps beautiful.

4. When adjusting the lamp cover, avoid the trident bracket in the lamp from reflecting the shadow when the light is on;

5. Replace the aging bulbs in time according to the light source parameters provided by the logo. When the bulbs are black or black, and the bulbs do not light up, the bulbs should be replaced in time to prevent unsafe phenomena such as the ballast from burning out.

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