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Outdoor waterproof string light features and uses

Oct. 15, 2019


The outdoor waterproof string light is a lighting fixture that is exposed to the outdoors. It can usually be combined with the surrounding roads, landscapes and buildings to design and install the lights to achieve the unity of function and artistry. It can be understood that the outdoor waterproof string light itself has better waterproof performance than other types of lamps in order to meet the use requirements of outdoor use.

The outdoor waterproof string light is one of the outdoor lights, and is mainly composed of a power cable of a certain length and a plurality of lamp holders disposed on the power line and electrically connected to the power line, wherein the lamp holder is spaced apart from the power supply Online. In this way, the outdoor light string can be used to receive the light bulb on each of the bases during the specific use, and the power cord can be hung in the place where the lighting is needed, and the surrounding area can be used for illumination and decoration.

Outdoor waterproof string light features:

1, Outdoor waterproof string light is simple, free to do whatever you want, give full play to the advantages of point light source, any combination, reflecting the randomness, let LED exposed letters, large outdoor LED advertising signs made easier!

2, Special bayonet design, direct installation after punching, quick installation time, ensuring reliable connection and completely get rid of manual welding, avoiding latent damage of LED, greatly shortening production cycle, effectively reducing installation and maintenance cost and reducing bad loss. Completely solve the difficult situation of LED engineering maintenance!

3, All kinds of plate punching can be used (such as electrolytic board, aluminum-plastic board, iron board, stainless steel board, etc.)!

4, Using Taiwan's high-power LED chip, light intensity, good color and color consistency, good color saturation, long life, good shock resistance, low light decay, etc., to ensure product quality!

5, The product excellent scientific waterproof (IP66) compression performance, to ensure the outdoor use of the product!

6, The use of parallel, breaking the traditional "one light is not bright, all lights are not bright" shortcomings!

7, LED lamp two-way take, installed separate design, do not need to understand the circuit, do not need to understand the waterproof process, you can replace the LED yourself, so that maintenance is simple, completely solve the problem of difficult maintenance of LED engineering, while the lamp is attached to the year Free warranty for value added after-sales service!

8, Power saving, an average of an outdoor word about 300-400 LED lights, power consumption is about 15 watts, that is to say 8 hours a day, 8 days power consumption is about 1 degree!

9, Can allow users to use in a more secure environment, very suitable for outdoor luminous characters, advertising signs and home decoration lighting applications, and increase the visual distance!

10, Intelligent control system, can produce gradient, jump, chase, scan, animation and other effects, and can achieve asynchronous and synchronous control, randomly arranged to meet different user requirements!

Outdoor waterproof string light features and uses

Outdoor Commercial String Light

Use of outdoor waterproof string light:

The use of waterproof LED light string to do outdoor luminous characters, outdoor signboards is to highlight the brand and fashion, greatly enhance the size and grade of the business. Outdoor commercial string light mainly used for: star hotel outdoor signboard, hotel roof signboard, hotel exterior signboard, hotel door signboard, hotel exterior wall signboard, exterior wall LED perforation, KTV signboard, sauna bath center signboard, hotel signboard, store signboard, door Head signboard, digital square signboard, property building signboard, shopping mall signboard, etc.

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