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Why LED Bulbs Become a Favorite Lighting Source

Jan. 09, 2020


LED light bulbs have high light efficiency, which is more than ten times that of ordinary incandescent lamps. As long as the LED filament bulbs within 10 watts can reach 1500 lumens, which is equivalent to the original 100-watt bulbs, low power is precisely the performance of energy-saving. Outdoor string light set supplier shares with you.

Led bulbs are incandescent lamps made from LEDs. In the past, LED light sources needed to achieve a certain degree of illumination and area. Optical devices such as lenses were required to affect the lighting effect on the one hand and reduce the energy-saving effect of LEDs on the other. LED filaments can achieve 360 ° full-angle light emission. Large-angle light emission without the need to add a lens can realize a three-dimensional light source, bringing an unprecedented lighting experience.

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LED light source is a low-voltage microelectronic product. The working voltage of LED is 2-3.6V, which is an extremely low safety voltage. There will be no electric shock when replacing the light source. Because the LED light bulb is a cold light source, there will be no burns caused by the high surface temperature of incandescent lamps and gas discharge lamps. The electromagnetic compatibility qualification rate is low: Among the 103 batches of LED lighting products that were spot-checked, The pass rate is only 60.2%, which is lower than the energy-saving lamps that are spot-checked at the same time, and there is no electromagnetic compatibility problem for incandescent lamps. Among them, the qualified rate of Jiangsu Real Estate's LED lighting products is 87%, while the spot-checked LED lighting products produced in other provinces and cities to have a qualified rate of only 29%. Electromagnetic compatibility refers to the ability of a device or system to operate in compliance with its requirements in the electromagnetic environment and not to cause unbearable electromagnetic interference to any device in the environment.

The big characteristic of LED: When green environment protection is advocated all over the world, a lot of ordinary incandescent lamps are banned by the government.

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