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Maintenance Method Of LED Bulb

Jan. 02, 2020


Due to the heat dissipation problem of LED filament lamps, many manufacturers will reduce the wattage of LED filament lamps and reduce the heat generated when LED filament lamps are lit, but the relative brightness will also decrease. Due to the heat dissipation of the LED filament, the entire luminaire assembly cannot increase the total wattage, but the market believes that ordinary light bulbs should become the main lighting source and the brightness should be around 1000 lumens. At present, the brightness of some LED incandescent lamps on the market is about 400 lumens, so the current LED incandescent lamps can only be used as decorative lighting, not as main lighting. Festoon lighting supplier shares with you.

The led filament light bulb generates heat when it passes through the filament (tungsten wire, melting point is more than 3000 degrees Celsius). The spiral filament continuously gathers heat, so that the temperature of the filament reaches 2000 degrees Celsius or more. When the filament is in the incandescent state, it looks like it is red. Iron can emit light just as much as it shines. The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter the light emitted. )

 G95 Vintage Edison Light Bulb

Filament lamps, as one of the LED lighting categories, have the bright and transparent tungsten filament lamps and have the energy-saving and long-life characteristics of LED lamps. They have gradually been recognized and loved by consumers. With the EU ’s proposed draft regulations in April 2019, the use of tungsten halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps as light sources is banned in 2020. Filament lamps may become LED lighting products with rapid growth in recent years.

Retro is an element and an attitude. For the popular retro style nowadays, the retro of the light bulb makes the lighting environment nostalgic and tasteful. Nostalgic shape, almost close to the color temperature of natural light, the filament lamp always reminds people of the good times in the past. The main maintenance methods of the bulb are: Don't switch the power of the lamp too frequently. Do not let the light bulb shine for too long. Do not connect too many appliances in parallel on the terminal block. Do not plug in or unplug the power when the lamp is on, or even unscrew the bulb. Do not immediately take a hot bulb to a cold environment and vice versa.

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