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Factors Affecting the Waterproof of Outdoor Led Lamps

Jan. 16, 2020


Outdoor lighting fixtures need to withstand the test of snow, scorching sun, storms and lightning for a long time, and the cost is high, and because it is difficult to disassemble on the external wall, it must meet the requirements of long-term stable work. LEDs are delicate semiconductor components. If they are wet, the chip will absorb moisture and damage LEDs, PCBs, and other components. Therefore, LEDs are suitable to work in dry and low temperatures. To ensure the long-term and stable operation of the LED in harsh outdoor conditions, the waterproof structure design of the lamp is extremely critical. Our company provides high quality outdoor waterproof string light.

At present, the waterproof technology of lamps is mainly divided into two directions: structural waterproofing and material waterproofing. The so-called structural waterproofing means that after the combination of various structural components of the product, it already has the waterproof function. The material waterproofing is the place where the potting glue is used to seal the electrical components during product design, and the glue material is used to achieve waterproofing during assembly. The two waterproof designs are applicable to different product routes, each with its own advantages.

Suspended String Light


1. Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet rays have a damaging effect on the insulation of the wires, protective coatings on housings, plastic parts, potting glue, sealant strips, and adhesives that are exposed outside the lamp.

After the wire insulation layer is aged and cracked, water vapor will penetrate into the interior of the lamp through the gap of the wire core. After the coating of the lamp shell is aged, cracks or peeling of the outer shell coating may cause gaps. As the plastic casing ages, it will deform and crack. Electroencapsulated colloids will crack as they age. Sealing ring rubber strips are deformed and crevices will appear. The adhesive between structural parts is aging, and gaps will also appear after the adhesion is reduced. These are the damages to the waterproof ability of the lamps by ultraviolet rays.

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