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Factors Affecting the Waterproof of Outdoor Led Lamps 2

Feb. 17, 2020


High and low-temperature difference

In summer, the surface temperature of the lamp can rise to 50 ~ 60 ℃ in summer and 10 ~ 20 ℃ in the evening, and the temperature can be lowered to below zero in winter. In the summer, outdoor lamps and lanterns accelerate the aging and deformation of materials under high-temperature environments. When the temperature drops to below zero in winter, plastic parts become brittle and easily crack under the pressure of ice and snow. Our company provides Patio waterproof string light.

Thermal expansion and contraction

Changes in air temperature cause thermal expansion and contraction of the luminaire. The linear expansion coefficients of different materials (such as glass and aluminum profiles) on the luminaire shell are different, and displacement occurs at the junction of the two materials. With the increase of time, the process of thermal expansion and contraction will be repeated, which will seriously affect the airtightness of the lamp.

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Waterproof technology for external lamps

At present, the waterproof technology of lamps is mainly divided into two directions: structural waterproofing and material waterproofing. The so-called structural waterproofing means that after the combination of various structural components of the product, it has already been waterproofed. The material waterproofing is the place where the potting glue is used to seal the electrical components during product design, and the glue material is used to achieve waterproofing during assembly.

Material waterproof

The waterproof design of the material uses the filling potting glue to insulate and waterproof, and the sealant is used to seal the joints between the structural parts to make the electrical parts completely airtight and achieve the waterproof effect of outdoor lamps.

With the development of waterproof material technology, various types and brands of lamps and lanterns special encapsulants continue to appear, for example, modified epoxy resin, modified polyurethane resin, modified silicone and so on. Different chemical formulas have different physical and chemical performance indicators such as elasticity, molecular structure stability, adhesion, UV resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, water resistance, and insulation properties.

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