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UL Light

If you want to know what UL light is, you must first understand what UL certification is.

What is UL certification?

UL is the abbreviation of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The UL Safety Laboratory is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest private organization engaged in safety testing and appraisal in the world. It is an independent, profitable professional organization that conducts experiments for public safety. It uses scientific testing methods to study and determine whether various materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings, etc. are harmful to life and property and the degree of harm; to determine, compile and issue corresponding standards and help reduce and prevent life Data on property losses, while conducting fact-finding research. UL certification is a non-compulsory certification in the United States, mainly for product safety performance testing and certification, and its certification scope does not include product EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) characteristics.

How safe is UL Light?

The safety of the UL-certified Guochong UL light is no problem. The UL certification of Guochong's bulbs is to let you use them at ease, so our bulbs are guaranteed in terms of safety.

Is UL Light expensive?

UL Light is a certification made by our Guochong specifically for bulbs exported to the United States. Although we have done certification to ensure the quality of the product, we will not make upward adjustments in the price. Our Guochong mission is customer first. Quality First. We will ensure that the products are offered to users, distributors, and retailers at very low prices while ensuring high quality to ensure the interests of merchants. And we also hope that you can become our customers, distributors, and agents.

Advantages of UL Light

According to the different needs of users, Guochong has prepared various sizes and numbers of bulbs to meet the needs of different users. Here, you can find the most suitable product according to your needs!

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