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Custom DIY 21 ft outdoor commercial string lights and bulbs that allow you to maximize your creativity while minimizing your budget. Here you'll find lighting solutions for wedding receptions, backyards and patios, gazebos, parks and more.

ITEM NO. :OUTNDE26-2-16-10
Product Specifications

This commercial grade string light is weatherproof and suitable for temporary or permanent use. Use this light fixture to light up a party or wedding reception, decorate the inside and outside of your home, or use it on a restaurant patio or other business setting to add ambiance and attract customers. We offer DIY string lights with optional bulbs, allowing you to customize the right lighting solution for your event, building, or indoor or outdoor space.

If you want to extend the range of the 21ft cord, it's easy. Using the included 11 watt bulbs, you can connect up to 25 of these light clusters end-to-end to cover even larger spaces.

Withstands weather conditions for long-term use year-round. These commercial grade string lights with custom cord can be used indoors and outdoors in commercial applications such as your restaurant or any place of business, or you may want to host an outdoor event such as a wedding or party. If you are looking for wholesale commercial grade string lights from trusted supplier, welcome to contact us!

# of Sockets: 10
Socket Type/Size: Standard Medium E26

Cord Length: 21FT
Spacing Between Sockets: 24"
On/Off Switch?: No
Drop Distance: None
Cord Color: Black/White/Green

Suitable Environment: Outdoor (High Commercial Quality - Great For Permanent Installation)

Included Bulbs: 12x S14 11W Light Bulbs (2x are extra)
Bulb Wattage: Includes 11W bulbs but supports up to 40W bulbs (do not exceed 1200W Max Total).

Supported Bulb Types: Incandescent / LED / LED Filament
Power Connection: AC Plug-In - 2 Prong
Expandable End-To-End?: Yes.
End-To-End Connection Limit: Up to 8 Sets w/ current 11-Watt Light Bulb Configuration.

Wiring Type: SJTW - Round hard service cord. Thermoplastic constructed jacket. 300 volt, weather resistant for outdoor use.
Parallel Wiring?: Yes, other bulbs stay lit if one goes out
Wire Gauge: SJTW-2*16 Gauge
WeatherProof?: Yes, Rain Resistant. Conforms to SJTW. PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal around the bulb.
WeatherProof Extension Socket?: Yes, extension socket has a weatherproof end-cap.
Voltage: 120V
UL Listed: Yes

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