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Why You Don't Need a Rough Bulb

Aug. 21, 2020


Many people have accepted this rough service light bulb in order to keep the glow they know and love. However, there are some alternative light sources that have the same characteristics without affecting the light output.

What is a rough service light bulb?

Rough service or vibrating service bulbs are just ordinary incandescent bulbs made of stronger filaments that can withstand vibration and other stresses. Although they come in various wattages and finishes, 60-watt and 75-watt transparent or frosted bulbs are the most popular choices. The heavier filament means that the optimal voltage for these bulbs is 130 volts, which is 10 volts higher than the supply voltage for ordinary American homes. The combination of higher voltage limits and extra-strength filament means that the bulb is better suited to handle the slightly increased voltage in the basement. Some rough bulbs also have a silicone coating to make them shatter-resistant. In addition, if the supplied voltage is 120 volts, you will use less energy and your light will last 10-20% of the time.

Edison Light Bulb

Alternatives to rough service bulbs

The disadvantage of rough use of the bulb is that the power supply below the recommended 130 volts will reduce the light output by 10-20%. The most effective alternative to rough service light bulbs is your daily LED.

Before you mention the initial higher cost or unpopular light colors, LEDs have come a long way from its seemingly expensive cost and outdated appearance. Nowadays, a standard LED bulb only costs $1 and is as inconspicuous as any incandescent bulb. Your home LED also includes an integrated driver to manage the power supplied to the bulb. The driver receives the input voltage and converts it to a lower (usually 12 or 24 volt) power source for the diode. This means that if your basement laundry room has 124 volts through the circuit, this has no effect on the function of the driver. Instead of frying your light bulbs, the driver can work at a reasonably high voltage, usually with a leeway of up to 130 volts, and still power your LEDs correctly.

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