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Precautions for Patio lighting

Aug. 18, 2020


Few lights are more versatile than patio lights. From 10 feet to 400 feet long, patio string lights can be used almost anywhere. However, if you are new to the world of patio lighting, or just want to modify your current string lights, there are many options and tips to help you make the most of your patio string lights.

Where can I use patio lighting?

Of course, when asked where to use patio stringers, the first thing people think of is that you guessed it, the patio. Because almost all garden lights can be used outdoors, this is a good starting point, but don't be afraid to think outside the porch. Hanging a patio string in the dining room, living room or bedroom can create a bohemian or romantic atmosphere very well. Remember, the patio string is for hanging. If you plan to wrap trees and pillars, you need to use Christmas lights instead, because the wind will knock the bulbs in the patio against branches or rocks, increasing the risk of damage.

Although many patio string lights have male and female heads, some only have male plugs and cannot be connected. Don't forget to pay attention to this when comparing products, so that you don't get patio lights and you can't string them together. The typical maximum operating power of these steel strands will be in watts rather than feet or the number of strands. For example, suppose your patio stringer 24 socket has a maximum operating power of 1200 watts. If you use 50 watts of light bulbs, you can only use one. However, if each bulb is 10 watts, you can use up to 5 shares together. Therefore, LED is a good choice, especially when your space needs to run for a long time.

What bulbs can I use in my patio stringer?

Patio strings usually use S14 and A15 bulbs, which are smaller than traditional household bulbs, but they are not the only bulbs available. The simple answer is that as long as the base is compatible with the socket and does not exceed the maximum wattage of the stringer, any light bulb can be used for the courtyard stringer. Some fan favorites include retro Edison light bulbs, transparent ball light bulbs, don’t forget the true holiday atmosphere of these colored light bulbs. Keep in mind that most incandescent lamps are made of glass and, therefore, are more fragile than LEDs, which tend to be plastic. Before making a choice, take a moment to consider the difficulty of replacing the bulb. If you need ladders and partners every time the bulb breaks, you can consider using LED bulbs. The life of LEDs is much longer than that of incandescent bulbs. If it is simply a quick replacement, then the life of the bulb is an important factor.

Tips: Hang the cord first, and add a light bulb to reduce the chance of breakage.

Patio String Light

How long can I Leave Patio Stringers Up?

Where and how you set up your patio stringers will determine whether they are permanent or temporary. There are light bulbs that are not designed to survive in outdoor. These strings should be taken off after the party. If you want to put them outside, you need to use waterproof bulbs. The choice of how long to keep depends on the individual application. Remember to stay safe and do not leave any wires tripped or touched.

An important factor to keep in mind is whether is to purchase in-line or suspended socket string light. For shorter non-permanent installations, in-line sockets can do this. However, if you want your patio stringers to be permanently installed or need them to span a large area, the suspended socket is one way. This type of patio stringer has a small hole in the rope at the top of each socket, allowing you to lay a support line along the stringer to strengthen the line and prevent long-distance sagging. This is also helpful when you have a strange installation situation.

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