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What Is the Structure of the Led Filament Bulb?

May. 20, 2020


The light source structure of the LED filament bulb is mainly composed of multiple parts, including the connection parts of the lamp holder, the base, the driving power supply, and the lamp beads. The common composition of these parts is the entire LED filament bulb. In the course of work, LED filament bulbs are mainly based on stone substrates and then supplemented by highly transparent lampshades. Currently, most LED filament bulbs are made of transparent optical glass. This type of lamp body can ensure that more than 99% of the light is emitted, so the LED filament bulb can ensure the lighting effect.

The current state of LED bulbs is mainly based on high-power white LED single lamps. As LED technology matures, LED will achieve more and better development in the field of residential lighting design and development. The living room lighting design of the 21st century will be based on the design of LED bulbs followed by LED filament bulbs. At the same time, it will fully reflect the healthy, artistic, energy-saving, and humanized lighting development trend, and become the leading indoor lighting culture. Outdoor Patio Lights suppliers share tips on how to choose LED bulbs for home renovation.

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Color temperature is a general indicator of the spectral quality of a light source. The color temperature is defined for the black body. When the radiation of the light source is exactly the same as the black body in the visible light region, the temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source. A light source with low color temperature is characterized by a relatively large amount of red radiation in the energy distribution, commonly referred to as "cold light". The color temperature of some common light sources is: standard candlelight is 1930K (Kelvin temperature unit); tungsten filament lamp is 2760-2900K, fluorescent lamp is 3000K, the flash lamp is 3800K, noon sunlight is 5400K, the electronic flash lamp is 6000K; the blue sky is 12000-18000K General clarity, warm white temperature: 2700-3200K, true white: 4000-4500K, daylight: 6000-6500K, cool white: greater than 6500K.

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