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How to Prevent Squirrels from Chewing Food Through String Lights

Aug. 03, 2020


When it comes to outdoor decorative lighting, nothing is more popular than outdoor waterproof string light. If you have an outdoor lighting display, you may have realized the worst enemy of string lights: rodents. Main culprit? Squirrel. Some people may think that these animals are just furry little cuties, but many people think that they are the real wire-chomping scourge. Why do rodents declare war on lighting? What can you do to deal with this threat?

Why does the squirrel bite the wire?

Squirrel's food is mainly hard seeds, nuts, and fruits that wear out teeth. To combat this situation, their teeth are constantly growing. Therefore, they must chew things to prevent their teeth from growing too long. Most squirrels chew on things like branches and twigs. However, the urban squirrel found the electrical wire wires also work just as well and usually have a delicious soy-based plastic cover.

Outdoor Waterproof String Light

How can we stop them?

Fortunately, there are many options to help protect your string light from these critters, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some people immediately think of using pesticides or other methods to "permanently" eliminate these animals, but this is really the last resort. In addition, it is worth noting that even if the current colony of squirrels is removed in this way, another squirrel is likely to move in later. Squirrels are very territorial therefore, the best way to deal with squirrels is to prevent them from getting close to wires without driving them away. Once you train your local colony to keep them away from your wires, they will start working for you, keeping any new squirrels out of your yard.

The first thing to try is to apply a ready-made squirrel repellent, pepper spray, peppermint mouthwash, or citrus solution to the string or string light (some people think that predator's urine is very effective, but this is not for everyone ). The smell and taste of these things act as a deterrent, but they need to be reapplied regularly and after a day of rain. Owl bait is a good choice because almost all rodents are afraid of owls. These realistic baits should be placed near the wires or string lights you want to protect. Remember that for larger yards, more than one may be needed and should be moved from time to time so that the squirrels don’t become desensitized when the owl never moves.

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