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Do You Know how many Lights Are Needed for the Space?

May. 19, 2020


Appropriate light illumination can bring diligent people not only comfort but also bring efficient work efficiency to the team. However, how to design appropriate lighting to give the office environment appropriate illumination to work seems to be a problem for people. So is there an on-site method to quickly determine the wattage and the corresponding number of light fixtures based on the office area? Our company provides holiday string lights.

How does a lamp illuminate a room?

Let's analyze the light on the main work surface in the room. First, part of the light emitted by the lamp will directly reach the work surface, and the other part of the light will be reflected by the wall and part of the light will be emitted to the work surface. , The reflection on the wall will also be reflected in the ceiling and then part of the light will be split to the work surface in the same way.

By analogy, the light on the working surface visually consists of different angles of reflected light and the most direct illumination. We also call the light that directly hits the work surface as a primary light, and the reflected light as a secondary light.

Do You Know how many Lights Are Needed for the Space?cid=3

According to this working principle, if we want to calculate the specific number of lamps and wattage in the space, then we must circumvent to evaluate the lamps to be placed and calculate how much light can reach the work surface you need. , And this requires a combination of primary light and secondary light for calculation.

How to calculate it?

We can quickly calculate how much illuminance can be achieved by how many lamps in space through a method, this method is called the lumen calculation method or using the coefficient method.

As we all know about the definition of illuminance, the luminous flux obtained per unit square is called illuminance.

Then according to the ratio, how much of the luminous flux from our lamp falls on your work surface? Without further ado, the black cord string lights supplier sent the results directly.

{Luminous flux multiplied by utilization factor and multiplied by a maintenance factor divided by space area}

This is the method for quickly estimating the illuminance of the working surface in the room.

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