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LED Options Currently Readily Available for Exposed Filament Vintage Design Bulbs

May. 18, 2020


Today, it doesn't take much of a search to find a coffee shop, bistro, cafe or restaurant, at least some of which are illuminated by decorative string lights made up of old-fashioned exposed incandescent bulbs.

Whether called retro, Victorian or the turn of the century, these light bulbs imitate the shape, filament structure and warm glow of the early Edison light bulbs, evoking people's nostalgia for the early space lighting method of electric lighting.

These lamps are usually simply installed in the socket on the ceiling, can also be used in the pendant lamp on the table, or in the wall lamp with obvious diffuser, so you can appreciate the beauty of the bulb itself.

Decorative String Lights

Early bulb filament and shape

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, incandescent light bulbs used various materials (including carbonized paper and bamboo) to make filaments before finally combining with tungsten metal. The key requirement for this material to be used as a filament is to have a melting point temperature high enough to achieve "incandescence" when current is applied, without damaging itself.

Most of these early light bulbs emitted amber light, rather than the whiter light emitted when filament technology was later improved and the temperature might increase.

The interesting, coiled filament shapes (squirrel cage, spiral, ring, and hairpin) found in early bulbs are like Thomas Edison and others trying to increase the length of the filament inside the bulb to emit more light the result of. The tightly wound filaments found in incandescent bulbs today contrast with the more fashionable old filament shapes.

Ancient light bulbs reappear in contemporary spaces

The market is full of incandescent tungsten wire replicas of these early bulbs. In addition, suppliers including top blub are now also offering LED versions for those who like an old-fashioned look but want a longer lamp life and higher energy efficiency.

Looking closely, the old LED bulbs cannot produce filaments that match earlier filaments like current tungsten filament bulbs. However, in most applications, especially commercial uses, such as in taverns and restaurants, these light bulbs are viewed by occupants at a distance that does not require precise replication. The overall appearance of the exposed filament bulb, retro bulb shape and warm amber lighting achieves the decorative appeal of traditional retro bulbs.

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