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LED String Characteristics

Nov. 04, 2019


Lamps are a must-have in life. As long as they are connected to the circuit, they can provide us with light for our lighting use. In addition, different colors and styles of light can also make a good decoration for our living space. Led waterproof string light is a kind of lighting and decoration form that is especially common. Let's know about what is the characteristic of LED string light.

 Outdoor Commercial String Light

1. The led string light is made up of a light-emitting diode packaged by an imported chip;

2. The illumination angle of the led light string is designed to be larger, the half-angle is >120 degrees, the color mixture is uniform, and there is no color spot;

3. Led outdoor commercial string light uses LED dedicated constant voltage power supply mode, the circuit is designed as constant current loop, the working performance is very stable, thus ensuring the normal life > 50,000 hours;

4. The color consistency of LED light string is good, the color includes red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, etc;

5. Led string light installation is convenient and fast. After one-time injection water-proof treatment, the water-proof grade is up to IP65, and the plastic parts have installation positions. Without any accessories, they can be directly installed and fixed in the word hole;

6. Led string light can undertake the processing of perforated light string;

7. The led string can achieve colorful jumps, gradients, monochrome, full-color fluttering and other effects through the colorful and full-color controllers.

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