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LED Light Failure Repair Method

Nov. 20, 2019


LED lamps gradually occupy the current market of electric lamps due to their high brightness, low energy consumption and long life. In general, LED lights are difficult to have problems. In the problem of LED lights, there are three problems: the lights are not bright, the lights are dimmed, and the lights are blinking after turning off the lights. LED weatherproof string light suppliers will analyze and solve various problems for you.

LED lights come in two forms, one is a ceiling light and the other is a light bulb. Regardless of the type of lamp, the internal structure is the same, divided into a lamp bead and a driver.

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LED is not bright

First, we need to check the input end of the controller, whether the power supply is normal. Then check if the DC power output at the output is normal. If the power supply is normal, we will check the LED lamp again.

The lights are not lit, and the problem is the driver. LED to the current, voltage requirements are high, the current, voltage too large or too small can not be normally lit, so the need to drive constant current driver and rectifier, buck device and other devices to maintain use.

If the lamp is not lit after turning on the light, you should first consider the problem with the drive.

LED lights dimmed

The light beads of the LED light are divided into a series of strings, and the lamp beads on each string are connected in series, and the strings are connected in parallel.

Therefore, if one of the beads on the string burns out, the string will go dark. If one of the beads in each string burns out, the whole light will go out. If each string has a bead burn, consider the capacity or resistance of the drive.

The burnt lamp bead and the normal lamp bead can be seen from the appearance. The burnt lamp bead has a black dot in the middle, and the dot can not be wiped off.

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