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Filament Bulb Related Technology

May. 21, 2020


LED filament light bulbs have a variety of color experience directions: according to personal preferences, they can be adjusted to different colors and brightness. The default setting is white light, which can be set to red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, and other colors through the APP software. Manual control: manually point to the color LED lights, and the circular symbol can set the LED chromaticity separately. Automatic control: music spectrum display, color lights change the color of the LED lights according to the size of the music being played. The colorful lights create a very nice atmosphere. Our company provides suspended outdoor string light.

Suspended Outdoor String Light

Regarding the power supply of LED filament bulbs, the basic types of power supply are mainly divided into two types: fate and fate. It is usually not good, because the isolation transformer is not needed, so the cost is lower, otherwise, the voltage resistance of the aluminum substrate is higher, the cooler can be charged, and it is not easy to use outside the lamp. The isolation type is safer, easier to implement, and has a relatively high cost, but is suitable for home use.

The decisive factor of the service life of the tungsten filament lamp is the sublimation of the tungsten filament. The sublimation phenomenon makes the tungsten wire thinner and thinner. After all, it can't bear it, it will break and cause damage. We use it to control the service life, reduce the long-term use of the bulb at high temperatures, and reduce the effects of excessive temperature. I hope to meet your requirements in this regard. Thank you for supporting us. Outdoor string light set suppliers will continue to provide you with more knowledge needed.

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