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Outdoor Light String Protection Skills (Part 1)

Jul. 03, 2020


The use of outdoor commercial string light has become one of the most popular outdoor lighting methods. You may hang courtyard lights in the backyard, or use dozens of Christmas lights to make an incredible display during the holiday season. When installing the light string, always ensure that it is not protected as much as possible from any damage or short circuit. There are many ways to do this, so we will introduce the most important tips. In this part, we will discuss what kind of wires and components are safe for outdoor use, when to cut off the light string, and how to ensure the safety of the connection.

Use outdoor-rated string

Before placing any light string outdoors, you should always check the safety level to ensure that the line is safe for outdoor use. Rope lights, garden string lights, and many Christmas string lights are safe for indoor and outdoor use. These lamps are designed with stronger materials and can withstand weather conditions. However, some Christmas lights are only suitable for indoor use. Using these lights outdoors may cause them to fail prematurely or even short-circuit when they are exposed to water.

Do not use old or worn rope

When was the last time you bought a new string of lights for the Christmas exhibition? If there is a period of time in a year or your lamp is stored in a hot loft for about 10 months, you may need some new ones. When you turn off the light for the first time, you should use a tester to check for damaged sockets, bad bulbs, or blown fuses, and make necessary repairs. Wires that are frayed or fragile should be thrown away immediately, as these lights may pose a fire hazard.

Pendant Light Lamp Cord

Use outdoor-rated bulbs

Although most S14 bulbs are safe for outdoor use, this is not the case with other types of light bulbs used in garden light strings. Incandescent bulbs are safe when used outdoors, as long as they are not in direct contact with water. If used in open areas, the lights should be removed immediately after the incident. Where and when to use the LED bulb depends on the safety level. Rated bulbs in wet locations can be used where there is moisture, but should not be in direct contact with water. LED bulbs of this level should not be used in permanently installed light strings. Wet position rated bulbs can directly contact with water and can be used safely in open areas.

Only use outdoor-rated extension cords

Just like the lamp itself, the extension cord must also be suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor extension cords have a thicker insulation layer and can withstand more humid and harsher conditions. In order to verify that your power cord is an outdoor rating, you need to check the rating code directly stamped on the power cord. The code is composed of letters and is used to describe the material of the cord sheath and the conditions it can withstand. Outdoor rated power cords should list "W" in the specification.

Only cut light strings designed for cutting

Not all string lights are designed to be shortened. Outdoor light strings with male and female plugs should be connected end to end. Shortening these lights will invalidate the safety level and may cause the rope to no longer work. The garden light string can be cut to any desired length without end plugs. Commercial spools and spools for Christmas lights are equipped with sockets, which can be shortened as needed. For a truly customized Christmas light setup, use bulk wires. This wire has no plug or socket, you can choose where they go. Be sure to pay attention to the type of wire, because the socket and plug must match. The SPT-1 wire has a thinner sheath, while the SPT-2 wire has a thicker sheath, which can withstand higher currents. Incandescent and LED rope spools can only be cut at the cutting point marked with a dashed white line. Cutting elsewhere will cause the rope light to fail. On the other hand, the rope light kits have predetermined lengths and do not have cutting marks. If cut off, these lights will no longer work and cannot be connected.

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