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Our Commercial Grade Outdoor Garden String Lights help you set the mood! Whether you want to beautify and illuminate your restaurant, garden, business, or even an outdoor party or wedding, our permanent string lights with suspended socket is a great choice. You can impress friends and customers with beautiful and unique outdoor lighting!

Product Specifications

Use hanging globe string lights to create stunning lighting for your patio, garden, restaurant or party. Our commercial-grade outdoor decorative house lights are designed for permanent outdoor use and feature a heavy-duty cord and outlet to last for years.

Wholesale E27 commercial grade string light has 10 hanging sockets, the socket spacing is 0.95m. Our Intermediate Base Outdoor Lights Hanging String Lights are versatile and ideal for permanent outdoor lighting applications. As a professional outdoor patio globe string lights supplier, all of our permanent outdoor string lights have been UL, CE or SAA listed, with custom cord length, colors and socket numbers, please contact us for the detailed information!

# of Sockets: 10
Socket Type/Size: Standard Medium E27
Cord Length: 10M
Spacing Between Sockets: 0.95M
On/Off Switch?: No
Drop Distance: 10CM
Cord Color: Black/White/Green
Suitable Environment: Indoor / Outdoor (High Commercial Quality - Great For Permanent Installation)
Included Bulbs: 11 x S14 1W LED 1 Filament Bulbs  (1 for spare)

Supported Bulb Types: Incandescent / LED / LED Filament
Power Connection: AC Plug-In - 2 Prong
Expandable End-To-End?: Yes
Wire Gauge: H05VV-F 2* 0.75/2*1.0/2*1.5.
Weather Proof?: Yes, IP44
Weather Proof Extension Socket?: Yes, extension socket has a weatherproof end-cap.
Voltage: 220V
CE Listed: Yes


What can be used to hang these stringers?

You can use a guide wire, or in some cases, a cable tie. But be aware that using anything that could puncture the wires could cause the stringer to no longer work.

What's wrong with the bulb not turning on after being screwed into the socket?

The socket is designed to create an airtight seal between the bulb and socket to keep water out. We recommend wearing gloves and tightening the bulb so it connects to the bottom of the socket. If you still can't connect, please unplug the power supply, lift the small metal piece in the socket a little, and you can connect.

Do I have to fill every slot for this to work?

For safety reasons, you should fill each outlet with a live circuit when plugged in. The light will work when all outlets are not filled, but we do not recommend leaving it on.

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